Like You’ve Never Wanted to Have Sex on a Ferris Wheel Above the Las Vegas Strip

Who wouldn't wanna bang here?
Who wouldn’t wanna bang here? Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

Sure, everybody’s bucket list is different, but I think we can agree that wanting to have sex on top of a Ferris wheel overlooking the Las Vegas strip is a universal goal. Unfortunately, it’s a goal you can get arrested for.

Phillip Frank Panzica and Chloe Scordianos have both been charged with a felony after surveillance footage caught them doin’ it in a glass-enclosed car of the Las Vegas High Roller Ferris wheel. Can they live?

Judging from his mugshot, Phillip looks proud of his antics — and why shouldn’t he be? After all, what’s a felony charge when it means achieving your dreams.

Can the Ferris Wheel Sex Couple Live?