Canadian Thief Goes Hard on Self-Tanner

Neatly organized contraband beauty products
Neatly organized contraband beauty products Photo: Calgary Police Service/Calgary Police Service

Maintaining one’s beauty regimen can be rough on the wallet, particularly if you’re worried about keeping a golden tan through Canada’s roughly ten-month winter. A Calgary man, Cody William Scott, came up with the perfect solution: just steal all the self-tanner you’ll ever need.

Scott allegedly made off with $1.5 million worth of merchandise, including beauty products, household appliances, snowblowers, and tires. To his credit, the multiple stashes of stolen items were neat and well-organized, like the den of a doomsday prepper exclusively worried about his tan. Scott was prepared in case he ever ran through all that Jergen’s Natural Glow — he also stole several tanning beds.