In a New TRESemmé Ad, Chrissy Teigen Says Her Hair’s Volume ‘Struggle Is Real,’ Which Is Somehow Not Convincing

In a new TRESemmé ad, Chrissy Teigen goes on a flashback journey of all the times her hair’s volume was just not working out.

The throwbacks feature Teigen curling her hair with what appears to be the random items from her bathroom trashcan: a spray bottle and a toilet-paper roll — also a can of Coke for good measure. “Hair should never sound like you sat on a bag of chips,” she says with frustration.

In an Instagram post promoting the ad, Teigen wrote, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. When will we get volume that’s not stiff and crunchy?? GOOD NEWS: The solution is coming!”

Somehow, it’s hard to imagine that Chrissy’s hair has ever sounded like a bag of Lay’s being crunched underfoot. After all, she’s the “Queen of the cool girls,” she’s a mom-to-be who shops with her face painted like a cat’s. Chrissy could likely make There’s Something About Mary hair look like the next big breakthrough hairstyle.

Regardless if the struggle is really quite this real, thanks for the strong empathy vibes. Plus, that trick with the Coke can is actually pretty nifty.

Chrissy Teigen Says Her Hair ‘Struggle Is Real’