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Woman Confident Enough to Make Taylor Swift Her Maid of Honor

Taylor Swift and the bride, Taylor Swift's best friend
Taylor Swift and the bride, Taylor Swift’s best friend Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

Imagine you possessed self-confidence. I know, but bear with me: Imagine for a moment you possessed so much self-confidence that you chose one of the most famous women in the world to be your maid of honor and felt not a twinge of jealousy or resentment when she inevitably stole the spotlight. Are you imagining? Good, you’re now imagining yourself as longtime Taylor Swift bestie Britany Maack.

Maack was married to Ben LaManna on Saturday in a chapel in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her dress was beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, and the weather was even beautiful enough that they were able to take photos outside in mid-February. Unfortunately, the only thing anybody wants to talk about is how Taylor Swift was there.

“Taylor Swift returns to Berks for best friend’s wedding,” blares the headline in the local paper. “Why Taylor Swift Is the Best Maid of Honor Ever” declares Vogue. But Maack and Swift have known each other since they were 10 days old, so surely she is used to this. Surely she understands it’s a casualty of being the best friend of an international superstar, whom even the sun chooses to favor in photographs:

Congratulations to Taylor Swift’s best friend whatshername.

Confident Woman Makes Taylor Swift Maid of Honor