These Zines Will Make You Want to Take an Internet Hiatus and Move to Portland

Photo: Amy Lombard

On Sunday afternoon — one of the nicest, sunniest days New York has seen in a long while (birds chirped, people drank iced coffee!) — the fourth annual NYC Feminist Zinefest took place at Barnard College. Held in a student building at the all-women’s college uptown, the fest was a bustling landscape of handmade art, paper ephemera, and personal writing, with pins, stickers, and candy to go around. Most of the zines hovered in the $2 to $7 price range, though some were presented on a sliding donation scale and a few of the bound-book variety were going for a little more. At the door, organizers were compiling zines themselves — introductory guidebooks to the fest, the tablers, and the surrounding area — to hand out to new arrivals.

The day’s highlights included Hazel Newlevant’s If This Be Sin, a full-color collection of comics about queer women in music, Moose Lane’s range of zines on how to properly take on the outdoors, and Sy Abudu’s untitled zines made up of archival photos of women of color.

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The Coolest Zines From the NYC Feminist Zinefest