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Dad Gets Carried Away, Clobbers His Child With a Giant Snowball

Uh-oh, buddy.
Uh-oh, buddy.

After this winter’s snow, it was hard to distinguish the adults from the kids when surveying the wintry wonderland. Snowball fights and snowmen and joyful racing through the park — these activities were not limited to grade-schoolers alone. Snow turned many a rational adult into a gleeful child.

But sometimes joy gets the better of us: Such was the case for one dad with a will and a way and perhaps a little too much gusto. After crafting the perfect snowball (or maybe that’s a snow-boulder? or snow-house?), one dad’s childlike excitement got the better of him, and he tragically owned his young son. A real clobbering that he’ll never forget.

Dad Clobbers His Child With a Giant Snowball