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Treat Yourself Friday: Elizabeth Taylor’s Vintage Movado Timepiece

Photo: Movado

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When Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t acting, getting married and subsequently divorced, or boldly throwing out massive ice on a betting table (can we all be that rich?), she collected jewelry. As an avid collector, the film icon amassed a small fortune that was later auctioned off by Christie’s following her death in 2011. Among the $137 million generated by the auction: a unique Movado timepiece originally designed for the actress in 1967.

As a part of their heritage line, the Swiss watchmakers dipped back into the archives to breathe a second life into the vintage keepsake. The result is a 20-millimeter yellow gold PVD-finished stainless-steel case timepiece that, like Taylor’s custom model, features a flexible multi-wrapped bangle construction. Updated with a sleek soleil Museum dial, the basic design feels refreshingly timeless and delicate enough to wear amid your favorite bracelet stack.

Women’s Museum Wrap Watch, $1,195 at Movado.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Vintage Timepiece