Emily Ratajkowski Is a Proud Bernie Babe

Emily Ratajkowski.
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Discussion around the 2016 Democratic primary has focused as much on the candidates’ supporters as it has on Clinton and Sanders themselves, whether it’s arguing about Bernie Bros and Hillary Bots, or trying to figure out why young women are abandoning Hillary. Emily Ratajkowski, best known for her nude turn in Robin Thicke’s video for “Blurred Lines,” has some thoughts about the latter question. She was up in New Hampshire a few weeks ago campaigning for Sanders. (While he probably can’t attribute his entire landslide victory to Ratajkowski, it probably didn’t hurt.)

“I was there for Bernie, not for the boys,” Ratajkowski told the New York Times, referencing comments made by Gloria Steinem last week. She went on to explain her outspoken support for Sanders, saying: “I think if you are a public figure, you have a responsibility to say something for a cause you truly believe in and help it on its course. It’s incredibly frustrating that society somehow feels that women can’t manage to be political, feminist and a sex symbol.”