Erin Andrews Said Media Made Her Stalker’s Video Seem Like a Publicity Stunt

Fox Sports journalist Erin Andrews gave her testimony in court Monday over a civil suit she filed against a Nashville hotel, reported Deadspin. In July 2009, businessman Michael David Barrett took a video of her undressing through a peephole of the hotel room.

Andrews said that after her stalker posted the video, ESPN, her employer at the time, insisted she discuss the incident in a sit-down interview before going back on air. Her bosses recommended she appear on Good Morning America, but she stated she was afraid to do a short interview out of context:

“… I didn’t want it to be a two-second thing where it’s like, ‘Was this a scandal, or, was it not?’ No, this is my life, and I feel terrible about myself, and we want to figure out how this happened.”

She said media sources, including Fox and CBS, made it seem as if Andrews had staged the video herself. “It ripped me apart,” she said. Andrews reluctantly did an extended interview on the Oprah show, where she said O made her feel safe to talk.

But just the same, the journalist felt forced into going public about the video — in a stressful effort to keep her job.

Erin Andrews: Stalker’s Video Portrayed As Stunt