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Facebook Parents Are Very Threatened by This Baby Bouncer

Photo: Facebook/Babcrush

As the parent of a newborn, you have very few functions, but they’re all incredibly important: You are the provider of food, warmth, snuggles, clean diapers. You speak to your baby in hushed tones, or giggle, you adjust them to the outside world by touching them, and often you calm them by jiggling, rocking, and bouncing.

Constant movement is, after all, what they’re accustomed to, and many new infants have a rough time getting used to the largely motionless environment that is Earth.

There is, of course, then, a huge industry of high-tech baby bouncers and rockers, seats that jiggle and wiggle and make white noise and sing. Some new parents swear by these seats, and find that their newborns are happiest either in the arms of a parent or in the damn bouncer, which inevitably breaks down on a particularly rough evening.

Babocush is a badly named product in that realm: It’s a cushion that attaches to your baby’s bouncer, cradling them and rocking them gently on their stomach, which can help with issues like reflux, common and troubling in very small babies. This product, they say, will help with digestive problems and colic (excessive crying in infants of unidentified origin). The videos of babies rocking and rolling around on the Babocush — posted on Facebook recently — are extremely funny and cute, but the product itself is proving to be quite controversial for the Facebook parent set. You know the kind of parents I’m talking about: the ones who are waiting for literally any opportunity to freak the fuck out.

One of the Babocush videos now has over 25,000 comments on it. Some of them are positive, of course, because this contraption actually looks kind of cool. But, of course, many of them bemoan the wretched state of parenthood that would lead one to seek some respite from an infant who demands to be bounced 100 percent of the time. “Pretty soon a baby won’t know its parents. Just vibrations and jiggling,” one insightful comment reads, and several threads devolving into a discussion of the safety of bed-sharing with an infant, the most Facebook of parenting issues ever to exist.

Hey, parents! Chill out! No one is trying to shirk their parental duties or force their baby to bond with a machine. Mommy just needs a minute, okay? And anything that helps is probably a good thing. Plus, the babies look cute as hell on this thing, right? Sheesh.

Baby Daniel Settling On The Babocush

Does your baby suffer from colic or reflux?Are you concerned about flat-head syndrome? (My little boy had flattening on the back of his head).Do you struggle to find the time to get anything done or spend time with the rest of the family?Very few parents have enough time in the day for their baby to constantly lie against their chest and many of us struggle to provide a safe and comfortable alternative.The babocush can help in so many way...* relieves the pain and discomfort of colic and reflux* helps your baby avoid flat head syndrome* provides safe and comfortable tummy time* holds your baby just like you do* has vibration and heartbeat sound to simulate the sound of your voice and beat of your heart for extra comfort, reassurance and contentment* gives you back some 'me time' to grab a shower, a cuppa or a family meal together in peace without the stress of listening to your baby scream when you have to set them downThe babocush is ON SALE NOW for £99 Find out more or order from our website at #babies #adorable #cute #cuddly #cuddle #small #lovely #love #instagood #kid #kids #beautiful #life #sleep #sleeping #children #happy #igbabies #childrenphoto #toddler #instababy #infant #young #photooftheday #sweet #tiny #little #family

Posted by Babocush on Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Parents Are Threatened by This Baby Bouncer