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Brave Woman Wins Right to Not Work Next to Farting, Feet-Washing Co-worker

Photo: Getty Images

If a man in America constantly farted and publicly washed his feet at work, he would be fired and sued into oblivion; in Canada, they just move those grossed out by him to a different office. So nice, those Canadians.

According to CTV News, a federal employee in Montreal says the behavior and hygiene of a male co-worker was making her so ill she was unable to work. The man, identified only as Mr. X, constantly farted, “swore, uttered odd noises and even washed his bare feet with vinegar in the office.” Because of this disturbing behavior, the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board granted her the right to a new office, marking another major win for women in the workplace.

Woman Wins Right to Not Work Near Farting Man