death is inevitable

Everything We Love Is Killing Us

Death is following you.
Death is following you. Photo: 2/David Buffington/Corbis

Beware of the following:

• Household cleaning products
• Composite wood furniture
• Incense 
• Deodorant
• Scanners
• Plastics
• Your pets
• Freshly cut flowers

All these things are most likely killing us, or at least affecting our bodies in ways we don’t know. According to The Guardian, a new report by the Royal College of Physicians asserts that indoor air pollution — which is caused by the list above — is bad for our health. But it’s hard to say, considering there’s been little research done on the subject due to fear of “interfering with industry.” Who cares if we’re all slowly rotting away, as long as someone’s making a buck, right? The most obvious conclusion to draw from this is, as most of us already know, that capitalism is killing us.

In the long run, the solution is to ban a bunch of chemicals. But because “industry” is so reluctant to be “interfered with” (nothing ominous about that!), we can also consider some short-term solutions. Buy potted plants. For a science reason, they help. And open your damn windows. Like, seriously, do it for a couple minutes a day. If you live in a new building, you really, really, really should be doing this. If you live in an old building, take a minute to stop kvetching about how drafty it is, and be grateful that you breathe in lots of fresh air on a regular basis!

Everything We Love Is Killing Us