cookie clean-up

The Girl Scouts Cleaned Up at the Oscars

That's how it's done.
That’s how it’s done. Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

When Ellen DeGeneres served pizza at the Oscars two years ago, stars were all about shelling out cash for the cheesy goodness. Kevin Spacey seemed to invest his entire net worth into snagging a slice.

But this year, host Chris Rock turned a profit for his daughters and their fellow Girl Scouts. Rock said he had major dad guilt, wanting to be there to help his girls rack up the cookie money, so he brought an entire troupe to the Oscars. And the girls sold so many cookies.

Julianne Moore and Tina Fey were two of the first eager supporters of the night, throwing out cash for the business-savvy girls. By the end of the night, the enterprising gals raised $65,243. Rock credited Suge Knight for being the biggest supporter of the night.

It turns out Girl Scouts are even more popular than pizza. And they’re also extremely clever little capitalists who know just how to earn badges: Go to the Oscars and clean out the wallets of everyone there. This moment deserves its own badge.