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Female Athletes Fight for Equality, Male Athletes Fight for PB&J

Point guard and PB&J-lover Stephen Curry.
Point guard and PB&J-lover Stephen Curry. Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As part of the Golden State Warriors’ efforts to defend their NBA championship this year, the training staff has unceremoniously booted most sources of sugar from the team’s private plane as they travel to games. Instead of Gatorade, the players now sip water spiked with Himalayan sea salt; in place of cheese, they now have organic chips made with avocado oil.

But one change Stephen Curry and his teammates could not stomach was a ban on their beloved peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. As The Wall Street Journal reports, a “months-long battle” against this injustice ensued.

When he wasn’t coaching as Steve Kerr’s interim replacement, [assistant coach Luke] Walton went out of his way to bother everyone he could about the PB&Js, even though he’s well aware of the sugar in jelly, fat in peanut butter and all that awful gluten in bread. “I stuck to my guns,” Walton said, “and I kept complaining.”

He complained to performance coach Lachlan Penfold. He complained to flight attendants. He complained to anyone who would listen. Walton didn’t have to enlist any Warriors in the effort, he said, because he already knew whose side they were on. “Every player loves them,” Walton said.

And wouldn’t you know it, the PB&Js were reinstated.

Female Athletes Fight for Equality, Men for PB&J