Handstands, Outside of the Yoga Studio and Into Real Life

Grace Fuller, accessories editor at W magazine.

To follow any of the many yoga hashtags on Instagram is to be inundated with perfect contortions on beaches, cloying couples, and models in the buff. They all make it look as if folding oneself into a pretzel is easy and attainable. As anyone who’s ever attempted a handstand can tell you, it’s one of the hardest poses to hold. Photographer Magnus Unnar set about making an imperfect homage to the handstand, one that showcases the grit and banality of trying, day after day, to achieve a decent one. In a joint project with District Vision, he’s released the beginning of a series cataloguing his friends’ and his own attempts at inversions. Click through the slideshow to see a sneak preview.

Handstands, Outside of the Yoga Studio