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Teen Poses As State Senator, Gets Caught

You'll never guess who's the teen and who's the state senator!
You’ll never guess who’s the teen and who’s the state senator! Photo: Wyandot County Sheriff/ohiosenate.gov

Last week, a teen affectionately referred to as “Dr. Love” was caught practicing without a medical license. This week, a teen gets caught after he successfully convinced an American government teacher that he was a state senator.

When Ohio teen Izaha Akins heard that State Senator David Burke was supposed to visit an American government class, he did what any teen would do: called the teacher and told him that Senator Burke had come down with an illness and resigned, and that he had been appointed to the position, which meant he was the youngest state senator ever. 

When the teacher, Henry Stobbs, asked why he wasn’t aware of Burke’s resignation, Akins quelled his doubt by informing him that it simply had not been made public. Mr. Stobbs believed him and Akins proceeded to deliver what I can only imagine was the dopest school lecture of all time.

Akins claims that he pulled the stunt to demonstrate subpar school security in rural areas. After all, he used his real name and the school didn’t even Google him.

Unfortunately, Akins is now facing felony charges for his little stunt. Mr. Stobbs, on the other hand, will only be sentenced in the court of public opinion. It’s okay, Mr. Stobbs; we’re all gullible sometimes. Speaking of which, have you heard that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?