Kanye Superfan Picked the Wrong Day to Appear on Jeopardy

Somebody wants free Yeezys.
Somebody wants free Yeezys. Photo: Twitter

USC student Sam Deutsch used his 30 seconds of College Jeopardy intro time to fanboy hard-core over Kanye. The only problem is the episode aired less than an hour after Kanye outraged pretty much the entire world with a single tweet.

“Kanye West has become a great inspiration for you in what way?” asks Trebek, who honestly should’ve just burst out laughing.

“I mean, honestly in every way?” responds Deutsch. “His music, of course, but also he’s been recently getting into fashion, which I really respect. He has great shoes coming out — that’s not a promotion or anything, everybody would agree with me on that. Finally, just his aura. He really carries himself in a way that he’s his own man.” Damn, someone wants free Yeezys.

Deutsch proceeded to say he would vote for Kanye should he run for president. Less than an hour later, Kanye tweeted this:

The rest is history.

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