John Oliver Breaks Down Ridiculous Abortion Laws

A new Gallup poll reveals that while 29 percent of Americans think abortions should be accessible all the time and 36 percent of people think they should be allowed in some (but not all) cases, 19 percent of the population thinks abortions should be totally illegal.

Nineteen percent might seem small, but anti-abortion sentiment has a huge affect on a woman’s access to abortion providers, as John Oliver breaks down on Last Week Tonight. It’s become so dire that four states — North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Utah — now only have one clinic per state. “Yes, Mississippi now has four times as many ‘S’s as it has abortion clinics,” says Oliver.

And that’s not even the most depressing statistic. In the 16-minute video segment above, Oliver explains how arbitrary TRAP laws have made it impossible for some women to get abortions when needed, and what those consequences look like. (Spoiler alert: They look bleak. Very bleak.)

Don’t worry, though: After delivering the very sobering news, Oliver lightens the heavy load by treating viewers to a cheerful video of sloths in a bucket. It’s not for everyone, though: Those 19 percent of you who think abortion shouldn’t be legal? No sloths for you.

John Oliver Breaks Down Ridiculous Abortion Laws