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If You Love Socks and Zines, You’ll Love Yeezy This Season

Ready for this?
Ready for this?

Kanye West has ceased Tweetstorming and has moved on to giving us a look into his creative process for Yeezy Season 3. First up: a tweet (which helpfully begins “Tweet:”) showing a fitting for what is, presumably, the upcoming collection. As you can see, it shows a model’s socked foot (could that be Arthur George we spy?) clad in a Lucite heel.

He also showed images of a Yeezy sneaker, a model wearing a cropped turtleneck, an intarsia sweater that seems to depict an oncoming locomotive, a hole-bedecked “wife outfit” for Kim, and a zine (“pronounced Zeen short for magazine.    A lot of people pronounce it wrong,” West notes) depicting a nude model from the side, complete with a very lo-fi shadow of his upheld phone. Who knew Kanye was such a riot grrrl?

If You Love Socks, You’ll Love Yeezy This Season