sexism arrives

Kevin Hart Stalked His Daughter’s Date in a Hyundai Ad, and Sexism Arrived at the Super Bowl

In the debut of inevitable sexism in Super Bowl ads, Kevin Hart stars as Classic Stalker Dad in his spot for Car Finder in the Hyundai Genesis sedan.

“Hey, so you’re the guy taking my little girl out, huh? You know what, why don’t you go ahead and take my new car?” Hart quips to his daughter’s unassuming date.

Then, in the predictable (but grimmace-inducing) move, he uses the Car Finder option to play stalker/overprotective dad at the movies, the carnival, and swinging from a rope on the helicopter over the highway. In a yell-threat of which his daughter appears totally unaware: “You’re messing with the wrong daddy!”

So, it appears this app is also good for keeping track of daughters who clearly don’t have the agency to take care of themselves on their own dates. Noted.

Kevin Hart’s Super Bowl Ad Was a Tad Sexist