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The New Search Engine for Kids Has Questionable Filters

The internet can be a complete cesspool of trash, various types of porn, and other traumatic imagery — so creating a search engine just for kids is actually a really good idea. is intended to meet than need: It’s designed so the first three results for any “appropriate” search term are from sites that write content specifically for children, the three after that are from “trusted” sites (that aren’t meant specifically for kids), and the rest of the results are from “safe, famous” websites filtered through Google SafeSearch.

The only problem is Kiddle seems to have a strange sense of what kids should be allowed to search for. For example, a simple search for uterus (also known as the place where life forms, a place that whoever is searching recently inhabited) gives you the following message:

When you search “uterus” on

Other notable banned searches: wet willy, butt, poop, and menstruation. Arguably, ought to have kid-friendly results for all of these — because there’s nothing wrong with kids making poop jokes or being curious about their bodies in general.

When you search “butt” on

Also notable are what searches slipped through the algorithm and didn’t get banned: smoke pot, cervix, thot, and taint.

Ah, yes, a search engine where kids can look up how to get high but can’t find a PG explanation of how babies are made.

Search Engine for Kids Has Questionable Filters