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Kim Kardashian Has a Secret Snapchat, But She Doesn’t Seem to Know How It Works

Kim K. has a stealthy social-media presence. On her friend Jonathan Cheban’s story today — after admitting she didn’t know that a Snap only lasts mere seconds — she revealed that she has an account.

“So. Jonathan walked me through how to open up a Snapchat in London. Kanye West was snoring in the bed right next to me, not really snoring, passed out. I couldn’t sleep so Jonathan opened up a Snapchat with me over the phone and I started following some friends and saw what they do in their— “

Whoops — cut short. Yep, Kim, welcome to Snapchat; you don’t exactly have time to recite a soliloquy. But she picks back up to say she uses the app to “lurk and stalk people.” I mean, that’s what any self-respecting person with an iPhone and a nearby snoring Kanye would do.

Kim Kardashian Has a Secret Snapchat