i wanna dance with somebody

Kristen Stewart Wishes She Could Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Kristen Stewart, not dancing
Kristen Stewart, not dancing Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Actress and model and incredibly beautiful person Kristen Stewart is mostly very private about her personal life, and as such, she’s gotten a reputation of being a bit standoffish with the media. But in an interview in this month’s AnOther Magazine, the star opened up a little, and it makes for some very funny reading and potential motivational-poster gold. “I fuck up a lot. But it never stops. The work never stops.” She goes on, “Oh, you think you fucked up? You don’t think that was good enough? Sweet, do it again, do it again, do it again.”

She is equally enlightening on the topic of dancing: “I wish I could dance like nobody was watching. I danced the other night and it felt so fuckin’ good. And it’s so not like me. I envy people like that so much. I’m pretty physical, but I really need to let myself go.” And she is simply illuminating on the topic of relationships: “I know when I meet someone if we’re gonna jive and dance. And I do not want to construct anything with anyone. I wanna fuckin’ dance.” Totally, totally.

Kristen Stewart Just Wants to Dance