champagne wishes and vaporized dreams

Of Course Leo Vapes

Leo loves that #vapelife.
Leo loves that #vapelife. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

You might think Vape Life is lived only by loser men who love their vape pens like they love their Axe body spray. But esteemed actor and legendary Pussy Posse leader Leonardo DiCaprio is here to show you what Vape Life really is.

When you’ve fought a bear (or a man in a bear suit) and lived to win the awards, when you’ve mastered enough Italian to invite the pope to Olive Garden, when your name has been casually linked with Rihanna’s in mainstream media (more than once) — that’s when you get to put on your well-cut Armani tux, whip out your vape pen at the 2016 SAG Awards dinner, and puff away like you’re a young Burt Reynolds with a classy post-dinner pipe.

This. This is Vape Life. And it’s yours to aggressively enjoy.