Living in Texture With AG Hair

There was #RelationshipGoals. Then there was #SquadGoals. Now there’s #HairGoals, and AG Hair, with the launch of its new “Texture” line, is helping you achieve them. Each product, from the cleansing cream to the texture gloss, is infused with texturizing and clarifying seaweed extracts. To add some texture to your life and, of course, to your hair, enter AG’s tweetstakes for your chance to win a $350 AG Hair gift bag, a clear-cut path to obtaining your #HairGoals with products as natural as they are sumptuous.

Starting at 10am EST on Thursday, March 10, here’s how to enter:

Follow @TheCut and @AG_Hair on Twitter.

We’ll tweet an announcement about a chance to win a $350 AG Hair gift bag. Simply retweet us between 10am and 5pm EST of the same day, and you’ll be automatically entered in the sweepstakes.

@TheCut will be notifying the winner via direct message on Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye out for the message.

No purchase necessary. By entering this sweepstakes, you agree to the OFFICIAL RULES.

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Living In Texture With AG Hair