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Hark, a Clueless Millennial Tries to Teach the Value of Sorry Not Sorry

In this day and age, one need only be two years removed from the generation below them to feel like an eternity has passed since the last trend word shuffled into the lexicon. Does anyone even remember on fleek? Are people still using bae? Oh god, did I just hear myself mutter swag when talking about my tricked-out car? Please, take me away. I’m an embarrassment to my friends and family and am too old to live.

The challenge lies, however, in staying alive: alive enough to find a middle ground between millennial co-worker and Gen Xer boss. Can there be harmony among a person so old they remember Nirvana and a millennial who had a Vine that pulled in over 6 million loops once? Can people who still say cool beans work with those who only follow meme accounts on Instagram? PYPO attempts to find out.

A Millennial Shares the Value of Sorry Not Sorry