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On Tinder, the Ladies Love Pilots While Men Go for Physical Therapists

Are you swiping right yet?
Are you swiping right yet? Photo: Corbis, Getty Images

New data released by Tinder shows that male pilots and female physical therapists are most likely to get right swipes on Tinder. Also in the top 15 most right-swiped professions for men: doctor, firefighter, engineer, and model. In the top 15 for women: interior designer, founder/entrepreneur, college student, social-media manager, and pharmacist.

In short, sexism is alive and well in the world of online dating. Now excuse me, I’m off to enroll in physical therapy school.

You can check out the full list of the most right-swiped professions over at BuzzFeed, or you can take a look at what I imagine the most left-swiped professions are, for both genders:

1. Self-employed musician

2. Intern at Vice

3. CEO at Turing Pharmaceuticals

4. Minion at the NSA Surveillance Program

5. Sex-haver at Your Mom

6. CPA

7. DEA Agent

8. Freelance improv coach

9. Assistant manager at Vape Emporium

10. Republican congressman

On Tinder, the Ladies Love Pilots