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Passenger Steals MTA Bus to Protest Smoking Ban

Bus on the loose!
Bus on the loose! Photo: Adam Rountree/Getty Images

It’s your typical Tuesday morning: You get on the bus, dismayed that you have to spend another day at your mindless job. You just want to relax, so you light up a cig. You know they aren’t good for you, but they make you feel a little better about existing.

Suddenly your fun is ruined when your narc of a bus driver tells you to put that darn thing out. So you do what anyone in your situation would do: You hijack the bus.

The “you” I’m referring to is an unnamed woman who hijacked an M101 bus this morning when she was asked to put out her cigarette. She told authorities she hijacked the bus because “people were following me.” She’s now being evaluated at Metropolitan Hospital. I hope she gets the help she needs, but her stunt will surely go down in the history books as one of the most badass MTA crimes of all time.