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These Pictures of the Ideal Male Body Prove Photoshop Is Hard

Frankenstein's latest monsters
Frankenstein’s latest monsters Photo:

Imitating Esther Honig’s 2014 project, in which she asked people around the world to Photoshop a photo of her based on local “beauty standards” — whatever that means — a U.K.-based medical website, Superdrug Online Doctor, asked graphic designers to Photoshop pictures of a partially undressed male. Their goal: to prove that “the quest for a perfect body transcends gender.” 

Does it, though? Well, there are enough think pieces on that to last us a lifetime. A more important question is this: Why are people so bad at Photoshop? 

Superdrug Online Doctor commissioned “graphic designers” to make these images. These people do Photoshop for a living. And yet the best they can do is to transform a picture of a regular man into some sort of melting Sims creature. See for yourself below.

This normal human man has no idea what’s he in for. Photo:
A human embodiment of an Instagram filter. Photo:
Actually, this is absolutely Putin’s dream man. Photo:
Face so flat, he’s might as well be a paper doll. Photo:
If Chris Hemsworth was a constipated man forever lodged in the uncanny valley, this would be him. Photo:
These Pics of Ideal Men Show Photoshop Is Hard