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These Pictures of the Ideal Male Body Prove Photoshop Is Hard

Frankenstein's latest monsters
Frankenstein’s latest monsters

Imitating Esther Honig’s 2014 project, in which she asked people around the world to Photoshop a photo of her based on local “beauty standards” — whatever that means — a U.K.-based medical website, Superdrug Online Doctor, asked graphic designers to Photoshop pictures of a partially undressed male. Their goal: to prove that “the quest for a perfect body transcends gender.” 

Does it, though? Well, there are enough think pieces on that to last us a lifetime. A more important question is this: Why are people so bad at Photoshop? 

Superdrug Online Doctor commissioned “graphic designers” to make these images. These people do Photoshop for a living. And yet the best they can do is to transform a picture of a regular man into some sort of melting Sims creature. See for yourself below.

This normal human man has no idea what’s he in for. Photo:
A human embodiment of an Instagram filter. Photo:
Actually, this is absolutely Putin’s dream man. Photo:
Face so flat, he’s might as well be a paper doll. Photo:
If Chris Hemsworth was a constipated man forever lodged in the uncanny valley, this would be him. Photo:
These Pics of Ideal Men Show Photoshop Is Hard