the pussy posse rides again

Leo’s Influence on the Pope Is Stronger Than Axe Body Spray

 Ready to risk it all.
Ready to risk it all. Photo: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

It’s amazing to think it was only a week ago that Oscar contender and inexplicable lover of newsboy caps Leonardo DiCaprio met his grace, the so-called “Cool Pope,” Pope Francis. But since the two holy men met, Leo’s influence over the pope (perhaps enhanced by the book of Hieronymus Bosch paintings Leo gave him as a gift) seems palpable.

First, Francis decided that he’s going to get into the acting game in a new religious film called Beyond the Sun, and now, only a few days later, the most important man in the Catholic religion is being entertained by cheerleaders before his weekly sermon at the Vatican. For one minute, he looked ready to risk it all.

At least we now know what Leo was flubbing through in Italian when he spoke to Francis last week: “Papa, would you do me the honor of becoming the first man of the cloak to join the Pussy Posse?” What’s next: Vaping?

Photo: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images
Leo’s Influence on the Pope Is Stronger Than Axe