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How Did Prince Manage to Look So Magnificent in His Passport Photo?

The world is yours, Prince.
The world is yours, Prince. Photo: Prince3EG/Twitter

Just to remind us that we’re mere mortals and he is Prince, he shared his most recent passport photo with us on Twitter.

Behold! It is a thing of wonder. He glows from within, his eyeliner is perfect, his afro is perfectly shaped. He appears to be wearing some sort of magical velvet overcoat. He’s smizing and also slightly duck-facing in a way that’s not offensive. It’s inexplicable how a man could look this perfect in a standard, government-regulated photo that destroys most people’s self-esteem. Did he hire a lighting team or did he just roll up to FedEx and look perfect? Either way, the TSA thanks you, Prince, for they get to gaze upon this visage every time you fly internationally. 

Prince Took the Most Magnificent Passport Photo