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Psycho Says He Won’t Take Down Revenge Website Until His Ex-Wife Is ‘Dead or Homeless’

Patrick Fox.
Patrick Fox. Photo: CBC News

If you thought your ex was the world’s most vindictive asshole, perhaps you should know about Patrick Fox, a Canadian man who has made it his life’s mission to destroy his ex-wife through whatever means necessary.

According to the CBC, Fox (who legally changed his name from Richard Reiss) and his ex Desiree Capuano broke up in 2001, and he took their son to Arizona where he kept her from seeing him. Capuano and her son were finally reunited in 2011, when she took over parental responsibilities while Fox served two years in prison for perjury. Fox was then deported back to Canada, and when Capuano refused to send her son to go live with him there, he promised to “devote the rest of my life to doing everything I could, legally of course, to ruin her life and destroy her.”

And he has! Oh, how he has. Fox created a website showcasing intimate photos published without his ex’s consent, as well as “derogatory editorials about Capuano, including snaps of her in bed with a partner, images of her bedroom and a 2012 mug shot from a marijuana possession charge that did not result in a conviction,” reports the CBC.

According to an email obtained by the CBC, Fox also told his son that he had “no qualms” about killing his ex-wife, reasoning “there is nothing illegal about wanting to harm someone as long as you don’t act on it.”

When Capuano tried to convince Canadian authorities to pull the revenge website offline, they denied her request, saying that because she lives in Arizona and Fox lives in Canada, no actual physical threat exists. In December 2015, Capuano was able to secure a protection order in Arizona that prevents Fox from emailing her, but the website is still online.

Psycho Refuses to Take Down Website Shaming Ex