Rare Baby Dolphin Found on Beach and Selfied to Death

Apparently deceased Franciscan dolphin.
Apparently deceased Franciscan dolphin. Photo: Hernan Corla/Facebook

People love selfies: We all know this to be true. Selfies in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa; selfies in the vicinity of a dangerous, wild animal; even selfies at the funeral of a beloved great-aunt or grandmother are considered fair game these days in our quest to one-up each other on Facebook or Instagram.

So it is not super-surprising that a few days ago, when a huge mob of beach bums in Argentina were presented with a rare beached baby Franciscan dolphin (estimated earthly population: 30,000), they decided to pass it around to take selfies with it. It’s also not surprising, given what we know about aquatic animals (i.e., that they live and breathe in water), that the dolphin seems to have died while having its photo taken.

If Heaven exists, let us suppose that the little bugger is looking down right now, taking some comfort in the fact that another mob — this time on Facebook — formed to judge the guy who posted pics on his feed, with one commenter stating, “FUCK U DOLPHIN KILLER.” For what it’s worth, the original poster of some of the photos claimed that the dolphin was already dead when he took it from the water, though a video (which is no longer available) seemed to pretty clearly show it breathing.


Rare Dolphin Found on Beach and Selfied to Death