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Rihanna Teaches the World How to Pose in Her Trainers

Pose by RiRi. Rihanna/Instagram
Pose by RiRi. Rihanna/Instagram

After debuting her Fenty x Puma collection during NYFW, RiRi casually implied, in an ad via Instagram, how the world might want to look when wearing her new Fenty Trainers.

In a sleek photo featuring what appears to be a metallic silver raincoat and visor and a hard stare to end all hard stares, Rihanna posed in the trainers.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the shoes or the line — otherwise known as “fashion for iPhones,” or compared to a health-goth apocalypse — here they are in full Instagram glory. “#THETRAINER from my FENTY for @PUMA collection…Coming soon #FENTYxPUMA,” RiRi captions the pic:

Likely, the viewing experience will go like this: Study Rihanna’s Insta-pose, take mental note of how to re-create it, then notice shoes and assess.

Rihanna’s Posing in Her Fenty x Puma Trainers