RiRi Tops Kanye As Fashion Week’s Most Tweeted-About Designer

Rihanna Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

When you think of celebrities on Twitter, the first one that springs to mind is master of the 140-character medium Kanye West. Whether he’s sharing infuriating takes on Bill Cosby or teaching us how to pronounce “zine,” Twitter is Ye’s domain. At least it was until Fashion Week — then it was all about Rihanna.

Despite the fact that Kanye’s fashion show/Life of Pablo listening party/performance-art piece was the event of the week and pinnacle of fuccboi dreams, the Twitterati were abuzz about Rihanna, who debuted her Fenty collaboration with Puma. In a blog post about fashion week data, Twitter revealed that the designer/brand that lead the conversation was Puma, forcing Kanye into the number two position. RiRi was also the most tweeted-about model-celebrity from the week. Puma had already gotten under Kanye’s skin earlier this month by signing Kylie Jenner as a spokesperson. Hopefully being slightly out of the spotlight now won’t weigh on West’s fragile ego; he’s already got enough to worry about.   

RiRi Tops Kanye As Most Tweeted-About Designer