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Sam Bee Shows No Workplace Is Safe for Women

Samantha Bee highlighted the potential hazards of being a woman in the workplace in her latest segment, “Samantha Bee’s #ROAR, You-Go-Girl Job Fair for Future Women. Lean In!” Bee examines working as a park ranger, a cruise-ship employee, and lastly a female comedian. Her conclusion: Maybe we should all just go back to bed.

Female park rangers recently made the news with allegations of harassment by their male co-workers. And by “harassment” I’m talking about things like denying them food or, more charmingly, placing ammunition cans full of human shit outside their tents.

It doesn’t get any better for female cruise-ship employees. One woman sadly referred to working on a ship as “Rapetown, USA.”

And female comedians, unsurprisingly, don’t have it any better. They’ve even started secret Facebook groups and websites to share their experiences with harassment and rape in the New York, Chicago, and L.A. comedy scenes. As Bee eloquently put it, “If you don’t like [women] comparing notes, you shouldn’t have taught them ‘Yes and.’”

There’s your daily dose of injustice. I’m out for now. If you want to find me, I’ll be off trying to build my own matriarchal society.