Solange Should Be Given the Keys to Everything

Solange Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2015 Getty Images

The mayor of New Orleans has recognized what the rest of us already know: Solange is a treasure, and should be honored as such. Mayor Landrieu gave her the key to the city of New Orleans, where she has lived since 2013. Solange Instagrammed her new piece of hardware yesterday with her gratitude, and a dedication to play Cash Money and No Limit all day. If there’s anyone you want to trust with a key to your city — or your heart, or really anything — it would be Solange.

But maybe don’t trust her with jewelry. While acting as Queen of Muses for the parade of all-female Mardi Gras organization Krewe of Muses, she accidentally flung out something way more valuable than plastic beads: her wedding ring. She tweeted out her son’s very sweet response to the loss.

Solange Given Key to New Orleans