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There Is Now an Abby Wambach Barbie

Abby Wambach has said she’s going to spend her retirement fighting to solve the pay gap. The soccer champ will, no doubt, also spend her post-career years as a role model for young girls — in real-life and Barbie form.

Following a string of recent announcements, Mattel unveiled an Abby Wambach doll on Wednesday at the MAKERS 2016 Conference in California. And if that announcement alone weren’t enough, the golden athlete herself showed up to help share the news.

When she took the stage, Wambach revealed, believe it or not, that she was a Barbie kid. But she often didn’t identify with her dolls:

“Playing with Barbies that may or may not have looked like I felt growing up, I think that this is a really impactful statement … If you’re out there and maybe your doll doesn’t look like how you feel, here’s another option.”

And a darn good option at that.