let's get drinks

This Video Is Exactly What It Feels Like to ‘Catch Up’ With Casual Friends


If you’ve ever had occasion to read “Let’s Get Drinks,” a New Yorker piece about the unending cycle of scheduling and rescheduling of catch-up drinks with friends you are not that close with, then this video of a pair of women who actually manage to hang out should look familiar. Two friends — staring at phones, blithely enjoying ice-cream cones in the park — devolve into inanity moments after meeting, and neither woman is actually listening to what the other is saying.

After “Tanya Claire” says, “I just found out that everyone in my bloodline — past, present, and future — has had, does have, and will have cancer,” her friend “Jamie-Lynn Jennifer” barely mouths “Babe” in response. Babe!

Other highlights include, “I got so sunburned at Coney Island” and “My other ex-boyfriend Tate broke up with me for my mom and they used my grad school fund to buy Jet Skis.” This all feels so scary familiar, I’m dying!!

Anyway. Drinks next week?

SLURP from Catherine Cohen on Vimeo.

This Video Captures What It’s Like to ‘Catch Up’