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Adult Man Becomes High-School Student, Just Like in Your Nightmares

Cinema comes to life!
Cinema comes to life! Photo: 20thCentFox/courtesy Everett / Everett Collection

Unlike most adults, the thought of going back to high school didn’t completely terrify Artur Samarin, a 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant who enrolled as a freshman at Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 2012.

Turns out Samarin, who used the pseudonym Asher Potts, was a model student: a member of the National Honor Society, ROTC, a speaker on a panel about violence amongst youth in Harrisburg — and he received an award from Representative Patty Kim. He was certainly a much better high-schooler than I was, but I guess he had the advantage of being supposedly “wise beyond his years.”

Samarin is now being charged with identity theft, tampering with public records, and theft.

Harrisburg police sargent Terry Wealand told CBS, “I would think there would have to be someone who knew … And if there is, they are going to pay, too.”

If anything, Samarin should be rewarded. After all, he managed to pull off acting like a teen for almost four years without anybody noticing while still being a really good kid! It seems like any public school would be lucky to have him as a student.

Adult Man Goes Back to High School — on Purpose