Unlike Kanye, Kim Is Not Poor

Kim's custom Rolls, bought with Kim's money.
Kim’s custom Rolls, bought with Kim’s money. Photo: Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

On Valentine’s Day, Kanye tweeted that he’s in debt and needs Mark Zuckerberg’s help. But Kim fans can rest easy: Today People reported from “a source” — surely not a member of the Kardashians’ PR team — that Kim and Kanye keep their finances separate.

Although it’s unorthodox for married couples to keep separate accounts, it makes total sense when it comes to Kim and Ye. If Kim wasn’t so business savvy, Kanye’s debt could really affect her credit score, and it’d be a damn shame if she were rejected for a mortgage or a credit card because her hubby went a little HAM on his last album. And not only does Kim likely earn more (a total win for feminism), but her whole brand is built upon being rich. She was born rich, she’s a natural. She wears it well. God forbid the public think she’s responsible for any of her hubby’s debt. She does not do debt.