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Natasha Lyonne Really Gets Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’

Natasha Lyonne.
Natasha Lyonne.

It would not be foolish to assume that every single person on this planet has heard Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” at least once. Since its release in October, “Sorry” has become more of an earworm than “Uptown Funk,” which for the life of me, I still cannot get out of my head no matter how hard I try. But since we all learn something new every day, today is the day we learn that Jon Hamm has never heard “Sorry.” What on earth has this guy been doing with his time!

In a Vanity Fair video (part of the “let’s have celebrities do the same goofy thing” genre), Hamm reveals his ignorance of the ever-present banger. But no mind: Natasha Lyonne and Elisabeth Moss and Nick Jonas really cut to the core of the song with their personalized interpretations to make up for it. Okay, okay. We forgive you.

Natasha Lyonne Really Gets Bieber’s ‘Sorry’