If You’re Feeling Guilty About Casual Sex, This Will Make You Feel a Lot Better

If you watch certain shows or read certain articles, you might start to get the sense that casual sex is out of control and ruining lives left and right. Over and over, we hear that no-strings-attached sex is somehow psychologically damaging because of the way it cheapens human interaction.

Don’t listen to those alarmist stories, though — research actually suggests that, for some people, casual sex brings important physical and psychological benefits. To find out why, watch the latest animated video from Science of Us; after that, check out some of our past videos, including a recent one about how happy couples are fooling themselves, or another that reveals the inner workings of happily married people’s brains. Find even more animated videos in our archive, and come back next week for another new episode.

This Will Make You Feel Better About Casual Sex