Where Did This Woman’s Bellybutton Go?

Gone. Photo: KTRK News
Gone. Photo: KTRK News

Houston woman Lori Jones had a tummy tuck and an umbilical hernia removal, but she found one problem: She no longer has a bellybutton, reported KTRK News. Huh.

Jones, 45, wasn’t aware she was missing something until several weeks post-surgery, when she finally took off the surgical tape and gauze. She removed the bandages, only to see a scar. She then posed the following (admittedly valid) questions to her doctor:

I went in with the bellybutton, and I’d like to know what you did with it? What happened to it? Did you throw it in the trash? Where is it?

Jones reportedly wanted to get rid of her “baby fat” so she could “bring sexy back.” But what she didn’t know — and what her doctor said he told her — was that her bellybutton would be removed as part of the surgery.

Her doctor happens to be Dr. Younan Nowzardan, who was featured on the TLC show My 600-lb Life. He performed Jones’s surgery in December 2015, and while she says she’s satisfied with the surgery itself, she’s not so cool with being sans bellybutton.

Nowzardan says he can fashion Jones a new navel after six months, but Jones told KTRK she’d rather settle in court. Clearly, cash trumps bellybutton in this case.

But how is she going to answer this question: “Do you have an innie or an outie?” I guess the correct answer is “not applicable”?