Did You Make a ‘Super Bowl Baby’ Yet?

Thank you, NFL, for reminding the Super Bowl 50 audience on Sunday what Mom and Dad do when their team scores a Super Bowl win. The ad, “Super Bowl Babies,” featured a choir representing those born right around nine months post–Super Bowl.

The video features the “Super Bowl Babies” singing to the tune of Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose,” thanking their parents for, erm, celebrating:

“What makes the Super Bowl so super — a day we adore? It’s a day so super, it’s why we were born. In the end, when our team won, Mom and Dad looked at each other; one thing led to another that night.”

Now we have this slightly uncomfortable ad to remind us that the Super Bowl means kicking out your party guests, leaving the dirty nacho dishes for later, and closing out the night with another big win.

Remember to put a sock on the door tonight, Denver parents.