Handicapping the Best Street Style of the Season

Photo: Youngjun Koo/I AM KOO

Winning the Cut’s Golden Peacock Award for best Fashion Week street style takes an insane level of commitment. You need to agonize over whether you’re wearing the precise combination of chic, weird, and cool that’ll lure in the photographers, but you also need to pretend you couldn’t care less. Then comes the awkward moment when you show up and find that everyone’s wearing the same Vetements dress or Gucci loafers.

And then there are the Peacock elites who show up looking incredible in random vintage one day, only to turn up the next day in a head-to-toe runway looking blessed by the designer himself. As New York Fashion Week kicks off, who stands to take it all this season? Will it be Shiona Turini, our first-ever winner? Maybe it’s Yoyo Cao, a woman who manages to wear every major brand between Milan and Paris. Or it could be a newbie, fresh-faced and ready to snatch the glory away.

Click ahead to see how we’re handicapping our favorites for the season.

So You Think You Can Win Street-Style, Huh?