Why Is This Cat Hotter Than Me?

You don't have to be smug about it.
You don’t have to be smug about it. Photo: copythecat/Instagram

There are a lot of attractive cats on the internet, but as a human lady, none of them have ever been hotter than me … until now. I mean, just look at this cat.

Coby’s eyes are two infinite sapphire pools.

Coby was born with the kind of eyeliner I spend half the morning trying to replicate.

Coby knows how to keep the romance alive.

Ugly sweaters only accentuate Coby’s hotness.

We get it, you’re skinny enough to fit in the sink.

Even Coby’s resting bitch face is hot.

Dat bod.

Okay, Coby, let’s keep it PG.

Honestly, that’s enough.