woman harassed on internet

Woman Bullied After Fake News Site Stole Her Pic

Karena Bennett with her one husband and child
Karena Bennett with her one husband and child Photo: Karena Bennett/Facebook

22-year-old waitress Karena Bennett was in for a nasty surprise when she learned a picture of her with her newborn baby and husband was used in a story on fake news website worlddailynewsreport.com with the headline “Detroit Woman Gives Birth to Her 14th Child From 14 Different Fathers.”

Initially, Bennett was amused, but things shifted when the post went viral, and there were thousands of comments posted about Bennett’s physical appearance. One person suggested she be shot, while others merely called her fat, ugly, and slutty. Since Bennett posted the picture to her public Facebook page, it’s not technically illegal for World Daily News Report to use it on their site.

While what happened to Bennett is undoubtedly messed up, it should also be noted that even if she had 14 children with 14 different men, she doesn’t deserve to be harassed.