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Woman Lets World Know She Is No Longer Attracted to Her Husband

Photo: swissmediavision/Getty Images

Most people keep the secret of their marital abstinence hidden, allowing the resentment and anger to slowly destroy them from the inside out. Nat Halfpenny is not most people.

The 26-year-old mother of four recently took to the Daily Mail to give the world a heads-up that she’s no longer interested in having sex with her husband.

“After a day looking after our four-year-old twins, Pepper and Cherry, three-year-old Lola and nine-month-old Jasper, I can honestly say nothing is less appealing than being pawed by my other half,” Halfpenny writes. “Indeed, even Sam’s touch — which I used to long for when we first got together six years ago — can make my skin crawl.”

Hmmm, writing an article for the Daily Mail seems like a lot of work to passive-aggressively ask your husband to get a better haircut.

Woman Informs World She Doesn’t Bang Her Husband