Civilian Woman Determined to Stay on Red Carpet for As Long As Possible

While Amy Robach* was signing off at the end of ABC’s red-carpet coverage, a civilian woman was caught onscreen sort of wiping her nose. She noticed she was in the frame, and instead of scurrying off or ducking behind a giant Oscar or something, she was like, No, world, this is my moment, and continued to dance back-and-forth in the background, rubbing her nose, making up an excuse to cross over to a stranger standing in the foreground in an attempt to enter more centrally into the frame while pulling focus away from actual famous person Amy Robach.

This woman should be awarded for her determination, her ability to upstage, and the fact that she garnered more screen time than most celebs who were actually interviewed.

* The original post said Lara Spencer.

Woman Will Stay on Camera for As Long As She Can